Organic Balloons

Organic Balloon Decor

Prices Vary depending on sizes and Type.

$35 per ft.  Consist of 5 inch balloons and 11 inch balloons blown up to different Sizes.

$45 per ft. Consist of 5 inch, 11 inch, and 16 inch balloons blown up to different sizes. 

$55 per ft. Consist of 5 inch, 11 inch, 16 inch and  3ft. Blown up to different sizes.

$65 per ft. Consist of 5 inch, 11 inch, 16 inch, 3ft.  And Foil balloon additions.

We have a $300 minimum order. We require a 50% booking fee in order for your event to go on our calendar. 

Why Choose Us

Creating a Sustainable Event with Organic Balloon Decorations

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in event planning, and organic balloon decorations are a great way to reduce your event’s environmental impact.

Grand Organic
$65 per foot
Bee Display
Great for a Baby Shower. $65 per ft

Medium Organic

$45 per ft
Mini Organic Balloon Columns
These columns consist of 5 inch and 11 inch balloons with 40 inch numbers on top. $95 per number
Organic Marquee with age
Organic Balloon Add-ons
If you're looking to create a unique atmosphere for your event, organic balloon are a great option. You can create eye-catching designs on top of light up letters. (We can recommend a supplier)

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